Young Asian Fashion Designers
Young Asian Fashion Designers "Edición Multilingüe"
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EAN: 9783866540118
Editorial: Daab
Nº Páginas: 384
Fecha edición: 2008
Materia(s): Diseñadores moda
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Asia is moving rapidly into new social, political and economic dimensions. While catching up with the Western world one the one hand, it is struggeling to stay true to itself, to its traditions and costumes on the other. The line between Asian and Western fashion is beginning to blur. Moreover Asian cities are competing hard to become the premier fashion capital in the region. This race has a big impact: The design avantgarde from more developped countries like Japan, South Korea or Australia has to deal with rising labour costs and shop rents. But it is also finally freeing itself from the fads and dogmas, so that it can now find new inspirations in its own culture. In less-developped countries such as China, India and Thailand the markets are flooded by fashion imitations of famous designers. But driven by the force of urbanization and the consumer revolution young designers in these countries are creating new, progressive and daring styles. This book presents about 50 Young Asian Fashion Designers with images of their thrilling designs and a short characteristic. An index with contact information of the Designers is enclosed.